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Everything Adelphi

oh yea..

I <3 Adelphi ROCK!
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1.What we're all about!
This is the only Adelphi community on Live Journal. We would like to have this community more active, and hopefully soon it will be! So make sure to spread the word!

The rules are pretty simple, so just follow them and we won't have any problems!
1.NO bashing!
Honestly, why would you even waste your time? If you don't like Adelphi then just stay out.
2.When posting a lot of pictures or a huge graphic, LJ cut!
Please. It would make it a lot easier on all of us. If you are unsure how to, then look at this:
<*lj-cut* text="insert title here!">
place whatever you need to here, text, pics, etc...

Your Adelphi Street Team Leaders are- Sonya, Elise, and Marie
You can contact anyone of us though Email and AIM.
AIM: A perfect LiE xx ::: Email: Sonya@adelphirock.com
Myspace ::: Livejournal
AIM: SaveElise ::: Email: Streetteam@adelphirock.com
Myspace ::: Livejournal
AIM: imnotLOVEd927 ::: Email: Marie@adelphirock.com

your staff is currently made up of:
Mod. - saveelise
Co Mod. // Graphics and shiz - summerof98

copy and paste this code and take out the stars!
<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/i_heart_adelphi"><*IMG SRC="http://img18.photobucket.com/albums/v55/summerof98/adelphilj.jpg"*><*/a>